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Lorton Vale, The Lake District, Cumbria - Cumbria, England  
 Current Weather - Lorton Vale, The Lake District ( ASL)
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Lorton Vale looking south towards
Hopegill Head (770m) and Whiteside (707m).
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Temperature (this month)
Temperature (this year)
Temperature (since 15/11/05) -13.8 °C
31.3 °C
Humidity (this month)
Humidity (this year)
Wind (this month) -
Wind (this year) -
Wind (since 15/11/05) - 98.2 km/hr
Pressure (this month)
Pressure (this year)
Wind Chill (this month) -
Wind Chill (this year) -
Heat index (this month) -
Heat Index (this year) -
Dew Point (this month)
Dew Point (this year)
Rain Rate (this month) -
Rain Rate (this year) -
Rain this month (total)
Rain this year (total)

‡ Storm rain starts when 0.4mm of rain falls in 24 hours, and continues until 24 hours pass without rain.
NOTE: The weather forecast is not intended as an accurate guide.

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Welcome to Lorton Weather. The only live weather data for the north west region of the Lake District.

The two small villages of High and Low Lorton are nestled at the northern end of the Vale of Lorton surrounded by the mountains of Grasmoor, Hopegill Head, Whiteside and Ladyside on one side and Whin Fell on the other.

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Temperature Tracker

  Average* Actual Anomaly
January 3.8°C 4.1°C 0.3°C
February 4.1°C    
March 5.7°C    
April 7.4°C    
May 10.6°C    
June 13.1°C    
July 15.2°C    
August 14.9°C    
September 12.6°C    
October 9.7°C    
November 6.3°C    
December 4.5°C    
YEAR 9°C - -

*1971-2000 averages for Aspatria
** partial data

Rain Tracker
  Average* Actual Anomaly
January 101.9mm 67.4mm 66%
February 73.4mm    
March 78.3mm    
April 50.7mm    
May 55mm    
June 67.9mm    
July 68.2mm    
August 87.1mm    
September 93.2mm    
October 110.9mm    
November 107.6mm    
December 108.4mm    
YEAR 1002.6mm - -
*1971-2000 averages for Aspatria
** partial data
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Data Contributions
A summary of the data collected is sent to The Climatological Observers Link on a monthly basis via the Cumbria Weather Report where it is included in a monthly bulletin along with observations & data from other stations. Data is also sent to Weather Underground, AWEKAS and The Citizen Weather Observer Program,
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